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Every Body Says I Am Fine Utorrent Download

Hi, I don't usually run into issues with uTorrent, but just recently I've been having this problem where the file downloads perfectly fine, but once it finishes, it won't upload/seed at all. The torrent(s) are typically healthy, usually from private trackers. My ports are open, when running tests on the setup guide my network is open and fine. I have windows firewall on, but there are exemptions there and it has never blocked uTorrent before. In fact, some of the torrents that I was seeding without issues a few days back (and are still healthy in terms of seeders:leechers) won't seed today for some reason. My bandwidth I think was around 4Mbit/s from a speed test, but I have my settings as follows:

Every Body Says I Am Fine utorrent download

Download File:

In windows 7. I am downloading torrents from Dimeadozen. The downloads are fine then when it is upload/seeding it has been glacial to stalling out to around share 5 or 6. My uploading used to be stronger and almost continuous. Should I make any setting adjustments?

Torrents, or more specifically the BitTorrent protocol, got traction around 2001, when Bram Cohen, dissatisfied with the average download speed online (since it was coming from a single source), designed a system that would download from everyone possessing the required file, thus making more popular files actually faster to download.

To fix uTorrent not downloading files or getting stuck on connecting to peers, you can whitelist uTorrent in Windows Firewall or your antivirus settings, unblock restrictions set by your ISP, fix issues with trackers, enable a VPN, or tweak the uTorrent client settings. When everything else fails, switching to another torrent client is always possible.

When you download torrents (leeching), your torrent client also shares (seeds) content for others to download. You may be threatened with legal action or a fine if you are caught distributing copyrighted material, which is illegal in most countries.

That was the first attack. The second attack builds on the first one to go after Bittorrent users that proxy the rest of their Bittorrent traffic over Tor also: it aims to let an attacking peer (as opposed to tracker) identify you. It turns out that the Bittorrent protocol, at least as implemented by these popular Bittorrent applications, picks a random port to listen on, and it tells that random port to the tracker as well as to each peer it interacts with. Because of the first attack above, the tracker learns both your real IP address and also the random port your client chose. So if your uTorrent client picks 50344 as its port, and then anonymously (via Tor) talks to some other peer, that other peer can go to the tracker, look for everybody who published to the tracker listing port 50344 (with high probability there's only one), and voila, the other peer learns your real IP address. As a bonus, if the Bittorrent peer communications aren't encrypted, the Tor exit relay you pick can also watch the traffic and do the attack.

We should keep brainstorming about ways to protect users even when their applications are handing over their sensitive information. But in the mean time, I think it's great that these researchers are publishing their results and letting everybody else evaluate the attacks. (If you're a researcher working on Tor attacks or defenses, check out our new research resources page.) The attacks in this paper are serious attacks if you're a Bittorrent user and you're hoping to have some privacy.

Agreed. I use torrents on a regular basis, downloading everything save movies and music available in the United States with it. Never gotten caught, never used protection until very recently (protection being in the form of Peerblock).

Well, i ain't very sure about the headline!!! I think that it could be cool to have a new bit-torrent application made to work with TOR!!! You could even call it "TORrent"!!! It's very easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think that something of missing in Tor is a robust publishing system to share documents, in a way to resist to the shut-down of a single server!!!! i think it to be the main flaw of WikiLeaks too!!! but also of Wikipedia, and every normal website: in the inner idea of a very well working Internet, there is the concept of decentralization!!!!!! but that concept has been almost forgotten!!!!A super cool P2P system is another thing missing in TOR!!!!!!!At this time, i don't think a P2P system internal to TOR to be very useful, but in the future it'll be very necessary!!!!!! So, you'd better to think about making one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think that the bittorrent client for TOR should work only within the TOR network!!! You can have some "hidden services" (those addresses ending with ".onion") to work as HTTP-trackers!!!! So that all TORrent clients will have only tracker addresses to contact within the TOR network!!! All TORrent clients should be enabled as internal tor nodes, for the whole TOR network (to share the global network load too!!!) and every client should start one "hidden service" to accept incoming connections!!! Yeah, i think this could actually work!!!!! So, you can send your .onion address to the Tracker, and at the same time download the list of others peers sharing your same file!!!! You can then connect to the .onion hidden service of the others peers, and the others will do the same after having read your .onion address from the tracker!!!!!!I'm sure, in this way, you'll have everything: a safe & secure bittorrent and a lot of bandwidth (because the lack of ExitNodes won't be important) to be used also for others purposes (so, when you are downloading/uploading something, but there is some free bandwidth, your node can be used also for the normal usage of TOR)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can have the torrent client to automatically set the upload and download speed limit to 1/4 of the bandwidth set to be used for the same upload and download channel of your node!!!!!! it's because i think that when you are using .onion addresses your connection pass through four nodes (or three?!!! i saw once they were four nodes!!!!!!!!!!!). In this way, you can avoid to have a congestion in the network!!! Because if you share a file at 1MB/sec... it'll take 1MB*4nodes=4MB/sec of bandwidth to handle the bits stream!!!!!! So you need to go 1/4 slower to don't break the balance!!!!!!I've got this idea, after reading this blog entry and another one on torrentfreak i read yesterday!!!!You should read this article too!!! It's on TF, and it's entitled Child Pornography Is Great, Anti-Pirates Say ( ). the whole article can be summarized in these two quotes:Johan Schlüter of the Danish Anti-Piracy Group enthusiastically said:Child pornography is great. It is great because politicians understand child pornography. By playing that card, we can get them to act, and start blocking sites. And once they have done that, we can get them to start blocking file sharing sites.and Christian Engstrom (Pirate Party) heroically answered:The big film and record companies want censorship of the net, and they are perfectly willing to cynically use child porn as an excuse to get it.Well, in don't want to enter in the discussion of child porn!!! (it's normal if pro-copyright organizations enjoy it!!!! they're usual to do the wrong things!!!!!!!!) But i want to very enter into the discussion of FILE SHARING and COPYRIGHT!!!!!! It isn't a fault of american people; but america's extremist capitalism and imperialism are evil, and they must be fought!!! this is what pirate parties are actually doing!!!! and the intellectual property is only one excuse to add filters, censorship systems, to the Internet!!! to allow politicians (read puppets bribed by lobbyists), to control the flow of information, and thus your life!!!!!!!! This is why i think that Tor, as it's a system made to be used against censorship and for political reasons, is perfect to be extended to be ready to be used as an alternative to the current centralized bit-torrent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that the RIAA and the MPAA, won't be happy nor agree with me; but it's a their fault, they didn't bribed me yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm asking myself; why it's wrong to download a file through "Tor+BitTorrent", but it's ok if you download the same file via "Tor+HTTP"??????!!!!!!! I think that the application transfer protocol doesn't make any difference!!!!! Indeed, if you look into it, you'll find out that BitTorrent will improve the performance of the Tor network!!!!! If you download a file from one normal "hidden website", the max download speed you'll have is going to be the upload speed of that hidden service!!! and its upload bandwidth is shared among all the users downloading the same file and all the others files hosted at the same server!!!! With bittorrent, you'll share your upload bandwidth too!!! it's shared among all the "peers" and this will indeed improve the performances!!!!!! a single "tor hidden service" isn't able to host big files, because the Tor network isn't yet made like RAID disks are made: Tor isn't able to increase its performance exploiting the redundancy of files!!!!!!!! And, guess what BitTorrent is able to do?!!!!!! There isn't a single centralized HTTP server serving the file(s) using its upload bandwidth alone, but increasing the number of peers and seeders you'll also increase the bandwidth available to download the files!!!!!!! You won't download anymore from a single website, but from multiple sources!!!!!! bittorrent is also ok to automatically check if files were downloaded successfully (torrent clients check whenever the downloaded files hash values match against the hash keys memorized inside the `.torrent' file!!!!!!!!!!). I think that the main problem, always pointed out, about the Tor network load, is described in a very biased way!!!!!!!! What i wanted to say 1 second ago with my entry question is that if ten people will download a 600MB ISO image from one HTTP hidden service they won't cause "less network load" than the same ten people downloading the same 600MB ISO image using the "BitTORrent" system!!!!!!!!! Indeed, if you think about it, you'll find out that it's much more easy to ask to the ten people using bittorrent to share the Tor network load than asking to the ten HTTP-downloaders to do the same!!!!!! If you had a BitTORrent client made in the way i described in my first post here, you'll also have ten people running tor nodes, and downloading at a moderate speed to avoid the congestion of the network!!!!!!! Of course people could use their BitTORrent clients to leech files and bandwidth, but even in this pessimistic worst case scenario you'll have no more than the same effect of downloading files via the HTTP protocol without sharing anything!!!!!!!! so, in the same way as torrents are alive only if you `seed' them after downloading, also the network load will be balanced if people will begin to share it!!!!!! People using the HTTP .onion protocol alone (this is almost sure) won't share anything, and you'll have worse performance than in a "BitTORrent-ready network" and you'll put an heavier load on the Tor network because nobody will share neither the files (redundancy of files parts already downloaded) nor the bandwidth of the nodes!!!!!!!!! I really think that a "BitTORrent Bundle", made with a patched version of a BitTorrent-client made to work within the Tor Network, and made with the original idea to share ALSO the network load (and not just the files), to be a very good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving to all people the general idea that Bittorrent over Tor isn't a good idea is a bit deceiving!!!!!! BitTorrent is only a protocol!!!!!!!!!!!!! BitTORrent could be a great way to solve a lot of flaws related to TOR!!, allowing the Tor network to support big files, decentralizing the storage of hidden services (because the only hidden services you'll need, are very simple "Hidden BitTORrent Open-Trackers", similar to and websites indexing small ".torrent" files), increasing the performance at sharing big files (this is the typical improvement that BitTorrent gives also on the normal Internet!!!), increasing the number of nodes and the bandwidth for the whole Tor network (average case scenario: the BitTORrent-bandwidth is balanced 1:1!!! worst case scenario:-->), and yet nothing is gonna change about denial-of-service effects, because it's possible to overload the Tor Network even downloading DVDs ISO without BitTORrent!!!!!!!!! so, if you apply the Occam's razor principle to "Tor+Download(BitTorrent) = NetworkOverload", you'll find out that "BitTorrent" isn't required in that equation!!!!!!!! What about the bulk traffic and why are big files useful for the Tor Network?!!! Well, i don't know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why were you asking it to me though?!!!!!!! Somebody could say that BitTorrent and Tor are both useless!!! Indeed, that's right for all the people that don't need them!!!! but it's very wrong, for all the people using/needing them!!!!!! Also factorbee is useless for people using exclusively Windows, because it works only on Linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, it's a question i can't answer at, because it's something of personal, and i can't know what you're thinking and why you need Tor, BitTorrent or even BitTORrent!!!!!!! Finally, having a technology like BitTORrent cannot be wrong, if you don't need it, you won't use it!!! In the same way as, if you don't need Tor, you won't use it either!!!!!!!! But i'm sure that a lot of people will find it useful!!!! (mostly to laugh at the non-working copyright-justified censorship!!!!!!!!!) Ah, thinking about DVDs ISOs!!! this is funny!!! Linux systems cannot be "exported" to non-free countries (Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria; actually the only places where LINUX+OpenSSL+Tor+... are useful for real), because the cryptographic software in Linux, which is regulated under US Export laws, cannot be redistributed there!!!!!! Anyway, there is Canada, south America, there is the Europe and good places in Asia; but if there weren't those free (for real) countries, used to share Linux ISOs, you could even had people with reasons to download LINUX!!!!!(the free and open source operating system!!!!!!) distros through TOR!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!! Now, this is off topic, but you've got to ask yourself, how such a brainless and useless restriction is possible in a so called "free country"!!!!!!!! The `US' is also the only problem i could think about BitTORrent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could the TorProject be liable for helping the development of file sharing technologies?!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets say communist software?????!!!! ha ha!!!!!!! this is funny too lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though it's something of important to be aware of, because even websites like are now outlaw in the USA!!!!!!!(they could help copyright infringements!!!!) could it be something to be afraid of!!!!!!? In either case, i think that my BitTORrent idea is very nice, and it could work for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bee!!!!!!!!!!! 350c69d7ab

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