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Buy Georgia Coffee Online

Founded in 1998, Cafe Campesino is Georgia's first and only 100% fair trade, organic specialty coffee company. We are a cooperative importer, roaster, wholesaler-distributor, and online retailer located in Americus, Georgia - the birthplace of Koinonia Partners and Habitat for Humanity International and about 9 miles east of Plains, home to former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn.

buy georgia coffee online

HOW WE BUY OUR COFFEE MATTERS. We import all of our coffee directly from small landholder coffee farmer cooperatives via a unique, principle-driven supply chain called Cooperative Coffees that we co-founded in 1998. Cooperative Coffees is the only fair trade green bean roaster cooperative of its kind in North America, employing common-sense, respectful, mutually beneficial terms of trade for sourcing organic green coffee fairly, directly, and transparently from farming communities who we have known for years.

Cafe Campesino supplies individuals, coffee houses, markets, restaurants, universities and hospitals, other organizations as well as individuals all over the country with some of the best small-batch-roasted shade grown, specialty-grade arabica coffee available in the USA. Cafe Campesino is Certified B Corporation and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, the Specialty Coffee Association, and Georgia Organics.

Georgia coffee ship to the states?2007/8/13 05:47 I was in japan for 5 years and I love to drink the georgia original coffee. You know the one in the brown can and I want to know if anybody knows a website I can buy some cans off from? I really want to buy some but I dont know where. Can anybody help? Thank youby Jerry G

One Possibility2007/8/31 10:33 There's a store called in Denver called Pacific Mercantile that has a couple of types of Georgia canned coffee, along with a lot of other Japanese products. They have online ordering. Google them for the URL. (I notice that postings with web addresses sometimes get deleted so I won't put the URL here.)by Umarate this post as useful

georgias coffe2007/11/25 12:43 Squidly1 why did coca cola give you a negative feedback about marketing in usa. if anything i think they would do very good in USA with a cheap and powerfull drink if anyone knows how to order georgias in the states please rubenrate this post as useful

Website to get georgia coffee2008/6/11 03:10 Go to www.pacificeastwest.comand you will find georgia coffee there under drinks. It is about 2.50 a can but it is worth it!by Paulrate this post as useful

goergi coffee2008/7/23 16:20 i babelfished that site long time says coka cola wont sell over seas to US.this is japanese-only coffee.look for an exporter like mentioned above.pulled the site from off the can while stationed over in Sasebo.tastes like rinsed trash unless you can find the latte.but like other japanese coffees it will keep you awake.MOST are VERY bitter.the emerald and (blue) seem okay as well.forget who make those.might be jazzrate this post as useful

Got to have!!!2009/1/12 12:50 How addictive is that coffee??? I too was there for years, and to this day, I dream about that coffee!!! Thanks for the tips!!!!by SKI (guest)rate this post as useful

negative on the nicotine2009/4/21 23:40 georgia coffee does not have nicotine in it, and if you want to order some of it, you can go to the georgia website, and click on the english tab. international shipping may cost a little extra, but you can definately order it. we used to order it and get it shipped to the boat while we were out to sea all of the time. good luck fellow georgia navy man thomas (guest)rate this post as useful

where is tab for english on site2009/5/8 12:48 Hey navy man thomas - where is the English tab on the georgia coffee web site? I tried clicking on almost everything and could not find anything that changed the site over to English. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great!by tina gyokeres (guest)rate this post as useful

Our mission is to share good times and amazing coffee with everyone we meet. We believe in growing a business rooted in authenticity, passion, and the curiosity to blaze new trails. We roast the world's most colorful coffees. It's an honor to work the farmers who produce these coffees, and we're humbled to share them with you.

Established in 1909, is an integral part of the culture of downtown Savannah. Nowhere else in Savannah can you enjoy authentic French Croissants with a delicious award winning coffee - the Captain's Choice...

I have been to many tea rooms here in America and in the UK. I have to say that the Savannah Coffee Roasters Cafe was one of the best afternoon teas that I have experienced. They took such good care in making our afternoon a joyful one. From the table settings, to the service and the quality of the food and tea. I have nothing to add that could have made the tea service any better. I loved the feel of the relaxed modern environment coupled with the formal table scape. It is wonderful to know that a coffee house can not only produce award winning coffees but also prepare a perfect and proper afternoon tea here in America.

My partner and I recently visited Savannah during our holiday through the southern US. Being from Australia we were often searching for great coffee. One day whilst on a walk, close to our hotel, we came across your store and spotted an Aussie flag! We went in and had THE BEST coffee we'd had in ages! Wonderful staff and the nicest barista "Elijah". Needless to say we continued to go there throughout our stay. Thank you so much! You made our visit memorable.

The Savannah Coffee Roasters is a delightful place to stop in for tea, coffee, and a snack. The atmosphere has a friendly - coffee shop feel. We spent a morning drinking tea, eating wonderful food and learning about tea. There were 3 courses - breakfast items, lunch items, and dessert to go with our choice of teas. There was enough food for lunch or brunch and a good variety even for a picky eater (of which we had one). I though all the food was very good. Nan explained about teas and the tea service we were using. It was interesting and she did not monopolize our time, so we had lots of time to visit with each other. The service was great.

Thank you for providing the coffee for the Junior League of Savannah State Public Affairs Conference. Thank you for the one million things you do for Savannah! You are the best of the best! You deserve the best and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Savannah Coffee Roasters not only serves and sells the best coffee, (absolutely fresh and delicious), They have a killer bakery and phenomenal lunch choices!! The space is beautiful and relaxing!! Lori Collins is Fabulous!!

. . . The atmosphere is very welcoming and there freshly roasted coffee with the wonderful homemade cake has given us an immediate sense of relaxation and well-being . . . With a pound of coffee, freshly roasted by the chef we were on our way to our camper and even days later still enthusiastic about the delicious coffee.

At Z Beans, it is important to us that our customers know where their coffee comes from. Each bag of Z Beans Coffee features the name and face of the farmer who grew it, the exact location in which it was grown, and the elevation it was grown at.

By drawing on the expertise of veteran coffee business professionals, we here at are dedicated to providing you with the best and up-to-date informational resources to help you succeed in your coffee shop business.

We have put incredible audio and digital packages together for you (called The Complete Coffee Shop Startups Kit). Now you can hear directly from coffee shop owners themselves who have been through the tough challenges and successes of starting a business.

For others, you will need help with strengthening your coffee shop business plan. Some of you may want to know how to design your coffee shop in a manner that will help you avoid costly fines or remodeling modifications. And as a new coffee shop owner, you might need help hiring, choosing coffee equipment, or searching for the perfect coffee business location.

A new generation of customers who want high-quality coffee, offered in a beautiful space, with great customer service, changes how people get their coffee. This means that your coffee shop business has the potential to be quite profitable.

Starting a coffee shop business can be challenging. After all, where do you begin? Where do you turn? The first thing you should consider doing is start with your business plan. Our Coffee Shop Startups business plan will help you get you started in the right direction.

Why wait in line at Starbucks when there are dozens of incredibly delicious local coffee roasters sprinkled throughout the state? Next time you need that caffeine jolt, head to one of our favorite Georgia roasters:

Wanderlust (Atlanta): Iced coffee drinkers rejoice! Atlanta now has their very own ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, Wanderlust. Brewed with beans from local coffee shop Octane Coffee, this incredibly smooth sipper comes in three options: 10-ounce ready-to-drink and 16-ounce cold brew concentrate bottles can be found on shelves and behind counters throughout town (or online), while nitro cold brew coffee is available on draft at Porter Beer Bar.

Noble & Main Coffee Co. is a brand new coffee shop coming soon to Cartersville, GA with delicious coffees, warm pastries, and an inviting atmosphere where you can come relax, work, and gather. We're at the corner of home and adventure.

We strive for excellence in every cup, from the bean to the last sip. It is not just about an extraordinary cup of coffee, it is about the experience of bringing people together and creating long lasting relationships. 041b061a72

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