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Three Amused Zillionaires And A Busy Girl By Ch...

Barclay - It would seem on the whole that Paul had less success in Athens than anywhere else. It was typical of the Athenians that all they wanted was to talk. They did not want action; they did not even particularly want conclusions. They wanted simply mental acrobatics and the stimulus of a mental hike. There were three main reactions. (i) Some mocked. They were amused by the passionate earnestness of this strange Jew. It is possible to make a jest of life; but those who do so will find that what began as comedy must end in tragedy. (ii) Some put off their decision. The most dangerous of all days is when a man discovers how easy it is to talk about tomorrow. (iii) Some believed. The wise man knows that only the fool will reject God's offer.Two converts are named. There is Dionysius the Areopagite. As already said, the Areopagus was composed of perhaps not more than thirty people; so that Dionysius must have been one of the intellectual aristocracy of Athens. There was Damaris. The position of women in Athens was very restricted. It is unlikely that any respectable woman would have been in the market square at all. The likelihood is that she turned from a way of shame to a way of life. Once again we see the gospel making its appeal to all classes and conditions of men and women. (Acts 17 - William Barclay's Daily Study Bible)

Three Amused Zillionaires and a Busy Girl by Ch...

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  • P-T Pass the Popcorn: Elsea does this in chapter 158, during a situation where Keima could really use an ally.

  • People Jars: What the squad uses to imprison runaway spirits. They can also contain people and shrink to a convenient size.

  • Personal Raincloud: Kanon has one as a stage prop in chapter 8 (and in s1 episode 5).

  • Personality Powers: Each girl who harbors a spirit also tends to acquire an unconscious power to match, like an idol afraid of being ignored turning invisible or a school librarian being able to read and memorize every book in the library.

  • The Plan: Goido Yui Arc: Keima, despite slowly turning feminine to the point of getting into Otome Gamesnote Like Bishojo Games, but with boys; for female players instead., turned it around to his favor by gleaning a heroine's point of view from them, which is exactly what he'd been in need of. It then backfired because now Yui is trying to capture him. She might have a different reason for him than the one Keima (and readers, by extension) sees, but considering the yonkoma, it's very possible that she simply wants Keima to be her bride. Turns out that was the case.

  • Playing Doctor: After discovering her grandfather's porn magazines, Urara wants to "experiment" with Keima. Later revealed to be an Invoked Trope by Keima as part of a Batman Gambit to meet Urara's grandfather.

  • Poke the Poodle: Elsie just really isn't all that good at being a demon, and her attempts at being evil usually just end up being funny or adorable. Her cooking, on the other hand, is suitably monstrous.

  • Power Crutch: While demons CAN use magic on their own, the Runaway Spirit Squad mostly seems to rely on their robes.

  • Power Gives You Wings: When the Goddesses regain their maximum power level from their hosts' love for Keima, wings grow from the hosts' backs.

  • Power Glows: Keima glows when he activates his God of Conquest Mode.

  • The Power of Love: By making girls fall in love with him, Keima can then drive evil spirits out of their hearts.

  • It is also revealed that the goddess Diana is powered by her host Tenri's love. Played with when Keima asks how she is not embarrassed to admit this. The same goes for her sisters.

  • Powers via Possession: Humans associated with a supernatural being acquire some special abilities, such as the ability to see what is Invisible to Normals. Those who are possessed by the Weiss are able to subconsciously tap into their power even further. Shiori was able to memorize every book in her library, Kanon became invisible when she felt unnoticed, and Hinoki was seemingly magnified in size.

  • The Problem with Licensed Games: An In-Universe example. In FLAG 211, kid!Keima plays a Dating Sim featuring Kanon as a main character. When she asks what he thought of the game, he bluntly tells her that the game was crappy but the song was great. Considering that the soundtrack was probably the extent of her participation in the game's development and how Serious Business Dating Sims are for Keima, Kanon took it as a compliment.

  • Protective Charm: Among the many defensive measures Shiratori sets up at his fortress against Devils are a bunch of holy charms. Needless to say, they prove to be nothing more than superstition as the Devils No-Sell and Curb Stomp all mortal opposition.

  • Proud to Be a Geek: Keima has explained, several times, that he is perfectly happy to be a Dating Sim otaku, and tends to get angry at anyone who would suggest otherwise.

  • Pro Wrestling Episode: The Nagase-Sensei arc has a lot to do with her wrestling hero and how she strives to be just like him. "There's Always a Sun in Your Heart"

  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: Yui does this in yet another attempt to convey that she is, in fact, a girl. Keima uses this to make sure that Chihiro knows that he's home alone and that she shouldn't come visit him while Ayumi does. She goes anyway and things get crazy.

  • Punny Name: The band 2-B Pencils; the initial members are from class 2-B and 2B is a grade of pencil. "Pencils" is pronounced as "enpitsu" in Japanese, which sounds like "NPC", so the band could be called "to be NPCs".

  • "Elsie" (NPC) and "Haqua" (Hacker)

  • Put on a Bus: Elsie for Kanon's second arc, for at least 40 chapters. Though she appeared in a few chapters, she was effectively written out of the plot and didn't return until the arc was over.

  • "Rashomon"-Style: Chapters 11 and 12 use a variant. Chapter 11 follows a day in Elsie's life, then chapter 12 follows the same day in Keima's life. Neither sees the whole of what's going on, but the audience does. S1 Episode 8 of the anime not only corresponds with this storyline, but expands on it with short segments focusing on the perspective of Mari Katsuragi, the dragon Elsie accidentally unleashed, and even the Bento monster.

  • Reality Is Unrealistic: The theme of the series. Applying Fridge Logic from video games actually works most of the time, due to how closely related the games and Real Life are.

  • Really Three Hundred Years Old: Elsie and Haqua, but their bodies are underdeveloped. Nora's ten years older, but she's fully developed.

  • Real Men Hate Sugar: At least if Keima is to be believed after Elsie tried to bake him a cake.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Played with. Kodama lets his students follow their (bizarre) hobbies if they get 100% on tests. He's fair, his challenge is possible, and it still makes the kids get an education... but the only reason he was so happy and actually let the students make their clubs was that that Keima finally didn't get a 100%. He has Keima's less-than-perfect test framed and hung on the wall.

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Haqua delivers one to Keima for all of his manipulations. Subverted though, in that she didn't actually mean what she was saying.

  • Keima delivers one to Chihiro in a rant about her inadequacy as a heroine. Not only does it not work, Chihiro turns it on him and sends him into a Heroic BSoD.

  • Recap Episode: The first half of chapter 224 is Keima recapping the politics of history of New Hell in order to avoid having to get a much wordier explanation from Dokurou. She pauses and then continues with his summary in order to give out some plot coupons such as making it clear to Keima that he is at least as responsible for having to capture runaway spirits as she is.

  • The Teaser of the first episode of season 3 briefly recaps the plot of the first two seasons and also the other arcs that haven't been animated.

  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Keima gets these in the first anime trailer.

  • Redshirt Army: Shiratori's elite soldiers he hired to guard the fortress he was constructing. Then again they were trying to fight devils. Good thing there was a reset and that timeline isn't part of the main timeline.

  • Refuge in Audacity: During Jun's conquest Keima realizes that people at school think of him as "problem child"/"the weirdest weirdo", a reputation that he later uses to his advantage to get away with some outlandish stuff like bashing his whole class into supporting Jun or walking around with dolls in elaborate dresses or making odd requests to random people.

  • Reincarnation: When a human dies, their soul gets pulled to Hell for purification. Then, their soul gets sent to Heaven to prepare them for reincarnation. Finally, they are reborn again in the human world.

  • Religion of Evil: Vintage has been described as a Weiss cult and at least one of their members considers evil an end in and of itself.

  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: During Mio's Arc, the outside bakery is called "DEMETER MAIJIMA", named after Demeter the Greek goddess. And now this comes back in Chapter 169, when it's revealed that the entire Maijima High has a connection to the goddess Demeter.

  • In FLAG 35, the documentary show Mari and Elsie are watching is called "The Awakening of Chronos", named after Chronos the Greek Prôtogenos god and personification of time.

  • The goddesses, the Jupiter sisters, are named after their predecessor relatives from the Roman Pantheon who are also half of the members of the Dii Consentes.

  • In the anime Keima's handheld console(s) from 10 years ago is called "GAME GAIA", named after Gaia the primordial goddess of and personification of the Earth.

  • Remembered I Could Fly: After a fruitless search for an invisible Kanon, Elsie remembers she can track her through the spirit sensor. An irritated Keima points out she should have remembered that earlier.

  • The Remnant: Vintage. It's revealed that the remnants are actually rooted deeply in New Hell, and that a Chief of the Runaway Squad is a member, as well as many others. Although the Chief is still on Haqua's side, helping her run away and all...

  • Reset Button: In-Universe example. The orb Keima is given before he goes to the past has four bars on it. When he failed the mission once, the mission resets to when he started and one bar disappears. Nothing is known what should happen should he end up Out of Continues.

  • The Resolution Will Not Be Televised: While the anime has basically stayed as close to the manga canon as possible (with some omissions in between season 2 and Goddesses), there are still loads of material from FLAGs 190 to 268, along with the unanimated capture arcs prior to Goddesses. Which, unfortunately due to Manglobe's closure, might never see the opportunity of being animated.

  • The Reveal Prompts Romance: Invoked by Keima in Mio's arc. After Keima and Elsie discover Mio is just pretending to be rich after her family became poor, Keima decides use this and become Mio's Secret-Keeper to set the routa that'll make her fall in love with him.

  • Right Behind Me: Often done without the lampshading. When one of Keima's plans gets overheard. "So... You have been deceiving me all along."

  • Variant in chapter 81: Elsie tells Keima the truth behind Yui's departure from the Wind Instrument Music Club - much to Yui's discomfort, as she'd just stopped to pick up something she'd dropped.

  • Shiori gets a very good look at Keima in girls' clothes.

  • Ayumi also watches the moment Keima dumped Chihiro. Needless to say, she's not happy.

  • Running Gag: Elsie's love of fire trucks.

  • Elsie's cooking.

  • Elsie's being really 300 years old and behaving like a little kid. Really, she's just that funny.

  • The Capturing God finally having a free day for gaming...only for something important to come up.

  • When the Watsons ask Keima how he comes up with his conclusions, he responds "It happens often in games."

  • Keima being an Accidental Pervert... and not caring about what he's seen at all.

  • Sacred First Kiss: Played straight... twice. Keima refuses Diana's suggestion to wed Tenri and adds that it was all an act.Diana: A kiss is something... that is done only with the person you spend the rest of your life with. I'll make you take responsibility for it!note As in, you'll marry Tenri...and me! (Transitive property at work)

  • Upon learning that Keima courts other girls to make them fall in love with him...and that it all finishes with a kiss.Diana: ...Tenri, you dummy... Why did you kiss that guy... It was also... my first...

  • Saw It in a Movie Once: How Keima operates in the early part of the manga, basing his relationship plots on his games.

  • Scary Shiny Glasses: In the anime Keima's mum gets these when she's about to flip out. Keima too, on occasion.

  • Schizo Tech: Overall, New Hell is significantly more advanced than the human world, but it's filled with all sorts of anachronisms. For example, New Devils that are unable to fly use flying craft in the shape of old fashioned sail boats. Justified, since New Devils live much longer than humans, and while they have kept up with human development with their own brand of Magitek, the generations haven't shifted significantly.

  • School Festival: The last act of the Goddesses arc takes place during the Mai-High Festival.

  • School Uniforms are the New Black: The Maijima High School uniform has a high-class flair to it. Quite reasonable given that the whole school underwent a complete overhaul around 10 years ago and that it used to be an all-girls school. On the other hand, the Misato East High School's girls uniform is the good ol' fashioned Sailor Fuku.

  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The old devils, the former rulers of Hell, were sealed away; now that they've managed to break free, they must be recaptured... using cans (jars to be exact, but still played pretty literal).

  • Sealed in a Person-Shaped Can: Spirits and Goddesses.

  • Second Year Protagonist: The age of the capture targets varies greatly. While there have been no first year high school students, the sempai kohai dynamic was used to specific effect in one of the Girl of the Week stories. Being a second year also means that Keima, the protagonist, has an established reputation for being a rude otaku.

  • Security Blanket: Elsie's broom is this for her.

  • Security Cling: Some of the girls did this with Keima: notably KanonManga FLAG 10 At the day of her concert, still feeling inadequate of her own abilities, she rammed and glomped himFLAG 115 Still afraid from being almost shot last night, she saw a hooded figure in the hallway and clung to him wanting someone to rely on, Shiorinote At the end of her arc, she glomped Keima when the lights went out, HaquaManga FLAG 24 She glomped Keima when she heard a noiseFLAG 125 Keima did a Cry into Chest to her after she saved him from being seduced by Yui by kicking him in the face Subverted in FLAG 213.note Elsie clings to the seven year old Keima after defeating a Vintage agent.

  • Senpai/Kōhai: Conceptualized between Keima & Minami. Also the relationship between Nikaido and Jun Nagase.

  • Kusunoki and Keima. And Hinoki and Keima.

  • Haqua objects to Nora's bringing this out of school.

  • Ayumi has some hostile sempais in the track and field club, who apparently bring back bad memories of Elsie's sempais in Hell.

  • Serial Escalation: Helps that they reference the former Trope Namer in the first anime episode to get a point across. This should tell you something.

  • Serious Business: Keima's inner argument about what should be in the ideal galge. It went from simple suggestions flowing through his head, to a riot breaking out in front of the Capitol Building as the Ruling Party and the Opposition, up to an interstellar war just from his inner debate on what the galge should be like. The chapter about the bugged gal game also fits. In fact, all aspects of gal games are serious business to Keima, and even represent truth.

  • Keima's inner argument returns to determine how to prioritize the Gal Games. From a parent spending QT with his children, to a live broadcast of the political debate in the National Diet of Japan to set what will be Priority A, then to a coup d'état with a new, extreme ideology... It all ends humorously.

  • When the sports festival comes round, Nikaido and Kodama start acting like it's life-or-death, much to their students' confusion. Turns out they had a bet on.

  • Shogi. Turns out it can be as intense as a game of tennis in The Prince of Tennis.

  • Shinigami: Demons are not known to actually escort the dead, but they are the guardians of the afterlife and the Scythe of Testament is one of the highest honors a demon can receive.

  • Ship Tease: Chapters 11, 12, 102 and 103 all tease Elsie with Keima quite strongly. Multiple girls get teased with Keima; if we discount the times where he is actually trying to capture girls, Haqua and Tenri/Diana are the biggest offenders. Chihiro has been grinding too: apparently she's the only one who can lay Keima so low with just a few words. Ayumi has been getting moments as well, including the first 'Real' Flag that Keima has noticed, or at least pointed out. On the other hand, the ship-teasing is also used to hint at the presence of goddesses within capture targets, which muddies the waters.

  • Chapters 105-106 can be considered REVERSE ship tease if you look at it this way. Keima's date with Haqua and Tenri/Diana is completely wrecked and he tries to get it over with as fast as possible. Compare it to the one in the previous chapter where he goes on the date to cheer up Elsie and actually tries to make her feel better (despite ruining any romantic interaction Elsie wanted), which goes MUCH better. He DID say Elsie was the only one he could put up with.

  • Chihiro, throughout the Mercury conquest of the Goddess arc, overloaded with the Ship Tease towards Keima to make the Love Triangle with Ayumi at the time an absolute mess; even being confirmed to be a girl like Tenri who'd liked Keima before her original conquest arc had even occurred. And she has no Goddess in her to convolute her feelings towards Keima. Suddenly, you look back at Chapter 28, the start of her conquest arc, where it just so happens that Elsie's Weiss detector goes off for Chihiro the moment after Keima makes a negative comment about her, and you makes perfect sense! As for where this goes after Keima was led to coldly rejecting her full blown confession in Chapter 166 so that he could move on to awakening Ayumi's Goddess...who knows.

  • The situation with Chihiro actually made Keima shed tears for her. That's the first real girl who's made him cry. After the Goddess arc is over, Keima was absent a week from school; it is implied by Tenri this is to avoid the other hosts, but most likely, he did this to avoid Chihiro.

  • Shoo Out the Clowns: Played straight, though justified, with Elsea. She's absent during much of the Re-Conquest arc's events, but that's because she's doing her own part to keep things running smoothly.

  • Shout-Out: Have their own page...

  • Shower of Angst: Keima, after dumping Chihiro.

Shower of Awkward: Keim

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