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T. I. - Paper Trail (2008 CD)

Paper Trail is the sixth studio album by American hip hop recording artist T.I., released September 30, 2008, on Grand Hustle Records and Atlantic Records. He began to write songs for the album as he awaited trial for federal weapons and possession charges. Unlike his past albums, he wrote his lyrics down on paper, which he had not done since his debut album, I'm Serious (2001).

T. I. - Paper Trail (2008 CD)

On November 12, 2007, while awaiting a trial for federal weapons charges, T.I. announced he had been writing songs for a new album to be entitled Paper Trail. He wrote his lyrics down on paper, which he had not done since his debut album, I'm Serious.[2] The album highlights his "fear, anger and guilt" as he awaited trial.[3]

The eighth single was confirmed to be "Dead and Gone" featuring Justin Timberlake, by the song's co-producer Rob Knox.[17] T.I. himself later confirmed the release of the single.[18] The song was charted by Billboard before the announcement of the single. The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 27, 2009.[19] Overall, eight songs from the album charted on the Billboard Hot 100, including "56 Bars (Intro)", "I'm Illy" and "My Life Your Entertainment", despite not being singles. A music video was released for the song "Slide Show" which highlighted a photo collage that followed T.I.'s career as a recording artist. The track "Every Chance I Get" was featured on the promotional trailer for Armored starring Columbus Short.

T.I.: Paper Trail (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)Determined to provide for his dependents during 2009's scheduleddowntime, Atlanta's favorite convicted phenom bids subcultural purismgoodbye, augmenting King's steamroller anthems with all thehooks we can eat, putting the words on paper before delivery. Afterthree impressive "What You Want" rips, the third of which exploitsmoral confusions he would never have copped to when he was king, heburies the hatchet with Ludacris, whose rhymes bury his, but who'skeeping score? Then it's on to a "Numa Numa Dance" sampleforeshadowing the "Paper Planes" sample to come, an obliging sex boastsoon converted by YouTube schoolkids into a get-out-the-vote ditty, achant about designer headscarves, a walk around the block with Usherand Justin Timberlake. He proves he belongs on the same record as Jay,Wayne, and Kanye by hiring them to rhyme in on "Swagga Like Us," whichcleans out the taste of "Every Chance I Get," the only misogynistbraggadocio on an album that swaggas as a matter ofprinciple. Hip-hop's amoral guardians may bitch and moan. But if youcan't get with this expediently excessive piece of rich-get-richer,commercial rap albums are beyond your ken.A MINUS 041b061a72

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