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Play Stickman Rope Hero APK Old Version on Your Device

Descriptions : Stickman Rope Hero - Shooter, where we learn that in the universe inhabited Stickman also have a stylish superhero costume. Just like the criminals in large quantities, who affect ordinary colored men. Arm yourself and save citizens in need. Varied means of transport will arrive at the site quickly and on time, and we have an arsenal to solve the problem of any size. Features : * Exciting 3D action game! * Stickman hero with powerful weapon arsenal. * Special tricks with suit upgrades. * Tons of enemies and fierce battles!

stickman rope hero apk old version

If you have played the old stickman rope game on your phone, then you will love the Stickman Rope Hero version. It is a 3d game with a third person perspective. Instead of swinging from items in a 2D environment, you may jump from and swing from three dimensional buildings, cranes, scaffolding anything you can fire your rope towards. The characters are still stick men by design, but with Stickman Rope Hero, you are able to hop into cars like with the most recent GTA games, and you can pick up weapons, drive cars, and slaughter other NPC characters. Jump from buildings with Stickman Rope Hero and test your nerve by waiting until you are near the ground before firing off your rope and swinging to safety. This game offers hours of fun, and there are plenty of enemies for you to have fierce battles with.

Insanely Fun ActionInsanely Fun, Entertaining and Adventure 3D Third-person action game, which incorporates the best qualities of the most legendary games of this genre. In Stickman Rope Hero, you can fully experience what it's like to be free with limitless power! Welcome to the huge metropolis, which is waiting for its hero, or villain? Make your choice and have fun in Stickman Rope Hero!Fun and variedStickman Rope Hero will delight you with quality 3D graphics with mode visual special effects, easy-to-lea controls, realistic physics, a rich arsenal of weapons and abilities for your hero, and the most unique vehicles. Explore the city, fight or just brawl with the police, and just enjoy unlimited freedom in a completely open world.

As evil clones invaded the city , the real hero comes to help the citizen. Use your new skills to launch your clones out of town . Survive epic battles and try to complete all tasks. Drive your enemies on cars, bikes or even tanks. You are the ultimate guardian now in order not to screw up ! + Exciting 3D action game! + Heroes Stickman with the powerful arsenal of weapons . + Special Tricks with costume improvements. + Tons of enemies and fierce battles !

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