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Where To Buy A Yamaka Near Me [PATCHED]

For some, the traditional Jewish head covering is known as a "kippah" while others refer to it as a "yarmulke." What is the difference between these two names? "Kippah" is the Hebrew word for dome (alluding to the dome-shape of the head covering) while "yarmulke" (pronounced as yamaka) is the Yiddish adaptation of the Aramaic phrase for "Fear of the King." Thus, while they are describing the same thing, these two names illustrate the regional and linguistic diversity of Judaism that exists to this day.

where to buy a yamaka near me

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In Chassidic and other circles, the kippah is referred to as a "kappel", (Yiddish for hat), or as a "Yarmulke" (also yamaka). Here too, the origin is obscure although roughly translated the word means "fear of the king", referring to the humility and awareness of the Almighty above, that should be felt when wearing a head covering.

Where do I go if I require first aid?There is a dedicated First Aid room located on the first floor near the entrance. In the event of a medical emergency, contact a member of our team.

We will have five different levels of kippot corresponding to different level of accomplishments. Every year, on Shabbat Channukah, there will be a ceremony where we will hand out the kippot (with alternatives available for women) that were attained that year. Gold kippah awardees will go on a plaque on the wall.

If you would like to participate, or have any questions, please contact Rabbi Glick or Peter Norlander. We will keep track on a google sheet where you can input all of the requirements that you are meeting. The rules are simple. You can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. For every kippah, follow the guidelines below. Please make sure to let us know as you complete the requirements.

FH is insisting on it. I'm Reform, but we are getting married in his Conservative synagogue, so all the men will have to wear them during the ceremony. We might as well provide them. I texted one of my FILs to ask where she got the kippot for her son's Bar Mitzvah last year... Will update when I hear back.

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